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The Natural Secret To Anti-Ageing

When I have time to myself, I always find that I reflect on everything. My career, my friends, my family, my health, my current level of happiness, literally everything. 

Most of us set intentions in our lives. A final destination where we can stop, take stock and say “that’s it, I’m happy, I’m here. This is exactly what I wanted my life to look like or it’s as close as it’s going to get”.

I’ve always been driven, possibly a little to my detriment and I’ve continuously had an ongoing desire to create something and work for myself. My career before holistic therapy was extremely different (in fact it’s safe to say it was the polar opposite to healing). In terms of earnings, the sky was the limit. I could earn as much as my heart desired, as long as I put the work in. It sounds perfect doesn’t it, but there was always something missing. I wanted to find more meaning to my life and I would always find myself going over the same question in my head, what is my life purpose. 

I’m not sure why, but finding my life purpose was and still is something that is extremely important to me. That’s what fuelled my motivation to go back to college to gain a diploma in holistic therapy. It was hard slog (essential to any new path), I went through extreme periods of stress, trying to juggle college whilst also trying to keep my other business up and running. It was exhausting but I knew it would be worth it and it was. I went on to set up this business, A Beautiful Therapy. I love my brand, I love my treatments and literally, everything I had hoped for was slowly starting to fall into place. Then overnight everything changed. A halt to holistic therapy and a sudden halt to my business.

Do I see the coronavirus as an injustice, no not really! In reality, there are bigger things to worry about right now. I’d be lying if I said that it isn’t a blow, it is, but somehow I always manage to see the silver lining. I’ve had my fair share of knockbacks over the years, but each and every time I dust myself off and push forward. I honestly believe that if you truly want something, you can have it. 

So rather than see this time as a negative, I’m using this period to brush up on my holistic skills and get even more creative with my offerings. In essence, what is proving to be a rather bleak period, has enabled me to slow down and reflect.

And with all this time to reflect, I think I’ve found my focus. My passion for holistic therapy is naturally pulling me towards holistic facials. Have you ever had one? They are divine. With various facial massage techniques, you really do get lost in the moment and escape the realities of life. A holistic facial is not just a facial, it’s a mind, body, spirit connection offering a deep sense of peace and harmony as you go within!

I’ve often wondered if I would ever use my meditation qualification. I mean I loved the course, I love meditation, but I haven’t had a natural affinity to teach. But now I’ve had time to think and my creative juices are flowing, I’ve realized that I want to incorporate meditation into some of my facial treatments. I think it will heighten the feeling of deep relaxation even more.

The physical results from holistic facials are amazing too. Considering they’re a natural non-evasive treatment, you surprisingly see instant results. They lift and sculpt the skin leaving you with a plump and more youthful complexion.

So there you have it, time alone is underrated. I’m starting to understand more of what I love and I have an opportunity to get more creative with my offerings. If you haven’t yet, you should try a holistic facial. With the touch of healing hands, beautiful jade massage crystals and my new love of Gua Sha, I’d love to share the experience with you. 

If you have a minute, slowly, softly and gently close your eyes and take three long deep breaths in through your nose. After each deep breath exhale slowly into your abdomen. Now take an even deeper longer breath into your heart and feel that love radiate in your heart centre. As you feel the warmth of your love, imagine a small green heart shape slowly expanding. Take one last deep inhalation and as you exhale feel the warmth of your heart as it opens up and send that feeling out into the universe. Now just sit with this moment for a while and relax in that feeling and just notice how you are feeling. Then when you’re ready, slowly and gently open your eyes and smile. I hope my green heart meditation lifted your spirit, please stay safe. See you on the other side.