What is Holistic Therapy

People keep asking, what is holistic therapy, so for anyone curious to find out more read on!

Holistic Therapy is natural and non-evasive treatment. It helps restore and maintain our bodies natural balance to encourage self-healing.

As holistic therapists we treat your mind, body and soul. Which means, we look at the bigger picture, not just the physical problem.

We care about your mental, physical and emotional health, and we will do everything we can to help you reach optimal health and well-being. Balance is key, particularly, in a world that is moving at one hundred miles an hour!

I was lucky enough experience a year of ongoing holistic treatments such as reflexology, various types of massage, crystal healing, reiki, you name it. The results were undeniably amazing. What surprised me the most was the effect the treatments had on my mental and emotional wellbeing! As I continued to experiment with various treatments, I opened up, that’s the only way I can explain it! Any mental, emotional and physical blockages I had unknowingly been carrying around slowly released.

If you would like to find out more and experience holistic treatments, come and see me. I’d love to help you find more balance in your life.